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Writing Sample: Monkey's On Your Back

Aaron Clay

The piece below is a writing sample from an internal employee newsletter. Some of the contents may have change to protect the innocent.

Our goal with the newsletter is to reach a young audience trying to grasp the fundamentals of the Great Game of Business.
Monkeys On Your Back

There is a Monkey on your Roof! by Island Capture Photography, on Flickr

Monkey on a Roof - Island Capture Photography

You've heard the expression, “Monkey on your back,” right? It's the origin of our company’s Monkeys (or Zombies) but what is a monkey? Let's explore a huddle and see how to identify and use a monkey. For example, you mention that the store is getting complaints regarding the cleanliness of the widgets.

Your huddles makes a line on the board to get fewer complaints by cleaning the widgets more often and assigns a line owner. Then you realize and say, “We don't have gloves to clean with. We need to get more cleaning gloves!”

This is a monkey, it's an action that needs to happen to make the line work. You then continue, “Since I?m closing tonight, I'll call “gloves” in with our nightly inventory.” That's your monkey. The note-taker will write it down and the line owner will follow up to make sure the gloves arrive at your store with the next delivery!

If you’ve not read up on the Great Game of Business and Open-Book Management, I highly suggest you take a moment and crack it open!

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