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Script the Easy Stuff

Aaron Clay

I scripted my cleaning routine and reduced the process by 15 minutes. Cleaning, like many tasks in your business is simple and with a little thought & tweaking you can increase energy & time dividends.

For now, I just started with the bathroom. Many cleaning & life hacker blogs post how most maids are taught to clean from top to bottom and left to right. So, Looking at my bathroom I scripted the actions I was going to take.

Gather my cleaning supplies and an empty caddy.
Supplies: disinfectant wipes, magic eraser, 2 bleach cloths, old newspaper, glass or multiple purpose cleaner & toilet bowl cleanser.

I started by applying toliet bowl cleanser and let it sit. Moved to the mirrors, wiping them clean using old newspapers and glass cleaner. Next I threw all my toiletries into a basket, trash to the waste basket. Used the magic eraser to clean the counter and faucet. Used a bleech cloth to clean up excess water. Reorganized my toiletries, wiped the toilet, brushed the bowl, and finally swept. Done 15 minutes. Normally takes me about 30 minutes due to unorganized actions.

So what? If I can save 15 minutes a week; imagine what your business can save and reallocate in cost & labor? All by thinking through and tweaking the "simple" stuff. Look at your business and find the processes that seem easy and make them so dead simple they can be completed in half the time.