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The Apple II In The Closet

Aaron Clay

This is how I found out. I suppose I'm a little sad that Steve Jobs has passed away. I think I'm still in a bit of shock. I've read and heard people eulogize his legacy, his work and his unique operating style. I have nothing to add to their wonderful memories.

I am, however, extremly greatful that I got to witness his keen eye, and artistic business savy, and of course for the Mac and iOs. You see, I'm proud that we are here today with the tools that we have. Steve brought us (with many others) the digital revolution. He put technology in our hands that gave us laymen the power to create.

The first time I saw a computer I was only about 7 or 8 years old. It was an Apple ][. Even at such a young age I could almost grasp the power of the personal computer revolution. It was there in Green and Black. The Apple ][ would later find it's way to my closet where it would sit always reminding me of the future that was to be.

There is still power here. Pundints mention that there won't be another "Steve Jobs" in our lifetime. I like to think that he not only gave us the tools to be the next "Jobs" he also gave us the the vision.

Thank you Steve for your vision and your leadership. As a sign of my gratitude I'm going to go out and create. You should too.