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Quick Photos with Camera+ on the iPhone

Aaron Clay

Sharing great moments with your audience is a great way to start engagement. However, our current workflows require a "high-end" camera, a fast computer and high speed internet connection. Right? WRONG! I highly recommend you revamp your workflow thanks to the app, Camera+.

Camera+ boast a ton great features like Touch Focus & Exposure, Shooting Grid, multiple shooting modes, filters and borders and a new feature called "Clarity" which automatically process your image for the best possible result. All of these features enable you to capture a great photo quickly and let you share it with your community, instantly.

Perfect for events & promotions. Get people engaged and curious with great looking photos on the go.

Example Workflow


Here's a picture I took at a small press event for FIAT Austin.
20110410-013522.jpgNotice the first picture is dark and you can't see the people speaking.


20110410-013639.jpg Using the "Clarity" feature on Camera+ I get a much more useable photo that I can share.


Sharing Options

While the app has individual users in mind with sharing straight to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr you the professional have two options for sharing photos.

  • Save Photo to the Camera Role

  • Email Photo

I use email and email it to the Posterous Blog which autoposts it out to the correct accounts on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. It's fast, it's simple and the pictures can look great.

As an added bonus, if you have the Camera Connection Kit you can suck those photos into iPad and use a service look HootSuite to post it out to your community.

Check out Camera+ on the iOS App Store. It's on Sale now for $.99

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- Camera+