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The Longhorn Network's New Business Model

Aaron Clay

ESPN isn't a sports network. It's an advertising network and the one thing ESPN needs for growth is greater niche coverage of sports. The high school + Texas sports coverage could have been very very lucrative. Enter The Longhorn Network.

Starting a new media company creates a few issues to solve. Most importantly to me TLN needs to...

Find a viable revenue stream by streaming online.

Get partners like Apple TV, Boxee and Amazon. We pay for MLB At Bat so we can watch games on the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. I'm ready to pay. Leave those cable & satellite partners behind and explore the world of online partnerships. Tailgating fans are buying 2 year satellite agreements worth over $1000 just to watch a game or two. You can capture some of that market.

Team up with an internet provider like Clear.

Easier said than done but the results could be extraordinary. I'm enjoying watching the network so far and very excited about pitching stories around Amy's Ice Creams. We are a 27 year Longhorn tradition, after all.