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In iOS 7 there may be ...

Aaron Clay

Share menus leaves originals.

I often imagine what I would do for iOS’s next big software development for iOS 7. I am not the first person to think of these ideas. Perhaps this is more of a wish list.

Managed Document Storage In iCloud.

Imagine a simplified version of dropbox. A place where you the user could say, “I want this document available to me in all applications,” and when you open up Pages the file is accessible IF it can open that file type.

The user shouldn’t see the files on iCloud folder structure but instead choose the application to best use the file. This shared file could then be accessed using a host of differnt apps. Power users should still stick with Drop Box. Their are many issues with this implentation but what I’m looking for is simple. I want to create a mind-map. Turn that into an outline. Open that outline and flesh it out and turn that into a pages document. Print. Done.

I want to see Drop Box but simplier and more robust on the iOS platform. This may take a lot longer than just 1 iOS iteration.

Application Pipes

If I can’t have my shared document storage because applications would be stepping on each others toes on one document then I want another solution.

I want to send a file through application pipes or as I see them in my head, slides. Water slides.

Imagine you open a photo file in iPhoto then “slide” it to Instagram for publishing and futher alterations, then onto pages for addition into a document.

The orginal file was scooted along the entire change leaving only a copy of it’s current itteration. A copy would only be left if the user chooses to do so.

This way a document can go back and forth between applications without the cruft of a pile of orginals being left between applications. There are more uses for Application Water Slides like data transportation that can be sent safely between applications. The biggest hurddle, keeping the OS safe.

These are only wishes and I hope to have them or something better in time. I look back to where we were in 2007 and 2009 and things are drastically different in a wonderfully productive way.