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Glitter and Glamour

Fashion and Fame

are not words I would use to describe me.

The Why

Aaron Clay

I was brainstorming my next blog topic today and I realized that I haven’t created my, “why,” yet. Watch this TED Talk (beautiful site redesign by the way) on the power of WHY from Simon Sinek. I knew that I needed to create my why for this blog. So here is draft 1:

I blog because I want to share my passion for technology, food, communication and collaboration.

  • Technology: Being able to do anything quickly and with a simple tool, in a small way makes me happy.
  • Food: I love to eat it and I love try new things why not write about it?
  • Communication: I do this everyday. It’s my “day job”, and there are so many ways of contributing meaningful dialogue to the world. I would love to talk about that.
  • Collaboration: The way we work as humans to achieve a shared goal is mesmerizing. I want to talk about ways that I collaborate and the tools and techniques I use. A lot of it stems back from when I was in theater. Theater is a center for great collaboration.