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From The Desk of . . .

Glitter and Glamour

Fashion and Fame

are not words I would use to describe me.

Artful & Purposeful Communication

Aaron Clay

I can't make you a better PR practitioner, but I hope this site sheds light on the power sitting behind the apple logo. The power behind the Mac permits anyone to create [digital] content easier than ever. Services, Automator & AppleScript can automate mundane tasks and enables you to focus on one thing: artful & purposeful communication. 

I believe:

  • technology doesn't replace talent or hard work.
  • the Mac & Apple ecosystems can enable beauty. 
  • feature creep has caused more damage than good. 
  • more with less (effort.)
  • that simple tools working together creates flow...
  • flow creates harmony 
  • spend time creating; just creating. 

We're just scratching the surface. Creativity exists outside of Photoshop & Microsoft Word so clean off that desktop, organize your folders innovation awaits!